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At Senior High School Sally realised how important being a women entrepreneur could be and therefore, after graduation, set up a not-for-profit organisation committed to providing vocational skill training, business advisory services and development for Ghanaian women. More than 50 women have been trained through workshops to enhance their skills and strengthen their livelihoods.

Sally creates designs from the natural environment making fabric making and sewing, providing knowledge and skills which empower women and young girls to start up their own businesses.

Over 20 women are now hand-making batik products, including fabrics, garments, cushions, beach bags and many others, for the local and export markets.

A new fashion range for men has just been created, it’s high quality, fair trade, hand-made and, marketed under the Oheemaa brand by the Sallet Fashion House.

As part of her export drive, Sally has successfully exhibited at both the Miami Fashion Week and the New York Fashion Week.

The Sallet Fashion House, in partnership with Adam Group Production, New York Fashion Designers Expo and CCWC Network Corps, also participates in Passion 4 Fashion Africa, an annual event in New York which brings together a wide range of talent in order to promote ethical fashion.

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